Project Instructions: Loaded Bracelet

A Loaded Bracelet is one in which every surface of the chain is used.

1) Determine the finished length of your bracelet, including attached clasp. Be sure to
choose a chain that has large enough links to accomodate head pins on each side of the
links. Rolo chains work best.

2) Clip or hang the chain to your Chain Stā, being sure it is straight and taut.

3) Count the number of links and then double that number.

4) Fill that amount of headpins with your choice of beads and spacers. The finished length
of your filled headpin can be up to 1 inch. Varying the sizes and beads looks best.

5) Make a loop at the end of your filled and trimmed headpin, but leave it open a little.

6) Hang a filled headpin on each link of the surface of the chain that is facing you. After
determining that your design is balanced close the headpin loops.

7) Remove your "quarter filled" chain and turn it around, then re-attach it to your Chain Stā.

8) Use the same technique to add the filled headpins to the opposite side of your chain
links. When that side is finished you will have a "half loaded" bracelet!

9) Continue in the same manner for the other two surfaces of the remaining links.
Removing and re-attaching your chain to your Chain Stā for each side of the chain,
straightening as you go.

10) After all of the chain link surfaces have a filled headpin attached you will have a
beautiful Fully Loaded Bracelet!

11) If desired, charms may be used entirely or partially; those should be attached with
jump rings.