Helpful hints for using the Chain Stā

Click here for our Chain Stā loaded bracelet instructions!

  • Attach clasp to chain before using your Chain Stā.
  • Mark center link of chain with wire or paper clip.
  • If clasp is too large for the Chain Stā clips, place
    clasp over the posts on top of clips.
  • The same method will work well when making
    necklaces: working from the center, let excess chain
    hang off the ends of the Chain Stā clips.
  • If the chain is very short, temporarily lengthen your
    chain with an item, such as a paper clip or safety
    pin. Place the paperclip/safety pin in the Chain Stā
    clamps, just as you would a clasp.
  • When making a necklace with your Chain Stā
    determine the finished length of the necklace. Work
    out from the center link for about 4" on each side for
    a total of about 8", more if you prefer. Let the excess
    chain hang from the Chain Stā clips while working.

Now just add Earrings and you're all set to gather loads of

I've made sets like these from pearls to charms, crystals to
wood ... there are NO limits to your choices!